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What we do

sweep and vacuum - cavanagh chimney sweep

Come when yoiu call

We are on our way.

Check the air draw - cavanagh chimney sweep

Sweep and clean your chimney quickly and cleanly

We are not a 'one man band'. We arrive in force, do the job and get out of your way, FAST.

then Smoke bomb - cavanagh chimney sweep

Check the air draw - then Smoke bomb

Air is curcial to a fire - without it you waste fuel, and are not warm. We check htat the clean is good - and then use a smoke bomb to prove it.

Check pots cowls & stack- cavanagh chimney sweep

Visually check pots cowls & stack

Brushing a chimney tests the soundness of your pot(s) and cowl(s). We check that those are sound.

Issue a certificate - cavanagh chimney sweep

Issue a certificate

With our job done we issue a NACS certificate, for your peace of mind and your insurers requirements.

Issue a certificate - cavanagh chimney sweep

Offer our 'no hassle' email reminder system.

The more you rely upon 'real fire' heating, the more important it is that your chimney is swept, and regularily checked .
A real fire is wonderful, and is definately 'the real thing' - but - it must be maintained, to be safe.
You and your family and friends breathe in the air it pushes out.
If you are fit and well that air can not harm you, unless you are serioulsy neglectful.
For babies, and old folk and people with chest or breathing issues, what is fine for you can damage and even poison them.
We will offer you our non intrusive email system, that will gently remind you about this, at intervals of your choice, (e.g. once per year).
It offers a simple but powerful system. With a single click you can make that reminder hiberbate for (say) a further month. If you do not click then we will call you.
So, though un-intrusive, it genly 'nags', that we want you and those you care for to be safe.

Disaster, from soot & wrong fuel

- cavanagh chimney sweep

UK fire statistics reveal that each year on average over 30 thousands houses have chimney fires. This will be largely due to not getting the chimney swept often enough or burning fuel that is inappropriate for the appliance and causing tar to build up in the chimney.

Most insurance companies will no longer pay out for claims made due to chimney fires unless the chimney has been swept by a professional chimney sweep and a valid certificate of sweeping issued that is recognised by insurance companies.

If the fire brigade is called out to a chimney fire and it is proven that the chimney has not been properly maintained, then the local council can bill you for the call out, which can be expensive!

Chimney fires destroy the homes and lives of thousands of homeowners in the UK each year. Chimney fires can burn explosively – noisy and dramatic enough to be detected by neighbours. Flames or dense smoke may shoot from the top of the chimney, which can startle homeowners as the low rumbling sound reminds them of a freight train or a low flying airplane.

Slow-burning chimney fires don’t get enough air or have enough fuel to be as dramatic or visible as their more spectacular cousins.

The temperatures they reach are very high and can cause damage to the chimney structure and nearby combustible parts of the house.

Use only recommended fuels for your appliance and flue type (If you are unsure please speak to us, 0161 980 5343 RIGHT NOW, or check the manufactures instructions literature, or ask your stove supplier).

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

- cavanagh chimney sweep

Many people think that carbon monoxide only comes from gas appliances, but the fact is taht ANY fuel that burns creates carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is a very dangerous, colourless and odourless gas, which endangers your health even at low-level exposure.

The side effects resulting from low-level exposure include permanent organ and brain damage, and not surprisingly; infants and the elderly are more susceptible than healthy adults, as are those with anaemia or heart disease.

However, too much carbon monoxide in your blood will actually kill you.

The symptoms of low-level carbon monoxide poisoning are EASILY MISTAKEN for those of the common cold, flu or exhaustion, and so proper diagnosis can be delayed.

For this reason be sure to see your doctor about persistent, flu-like symptoms, chronic fatigue or generalised depression.

If you suspect that you or someone you know is suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning get urgent medical advice, and DO NOIT USE your fire/appliance until it has been checked by us (or other competent person).

Periodic reminder

Enter your email and time of year you would like a reminder (and other information if you wish) and we shall make sure that this important task does not get overlooked - and - give you a 10% discount, reducing our price to £45.

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