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For Suzie in Timperley Pots, brickwork, gutters and painting.

2 of her chimney pots required edgings, brickwork pulling out of the flue, and her gutters needed cleaning and checking and then painting..

In Grange Road, Timperley we fitted a 'euro cowl' and a strap for the aerial.

A euro cowl is a funny spaceship design (no one knows why it is called euro). TV aerials are often attached to chimney stacks, and over time become loose in the strap that holds them which leads to a poor quality picture.

Hazel in Queens Road, Hale had lost some slates.

When a handful of slates go missing in high wind, or slip off and break, the cost of a visit from a roofer can be disproportionate to the amount of work needed. Cleaning a chiney and replaceing a few tiles at the same time makes sense..

Phil in Radcliffe needed a chimney pot and bird guard.

Birds can cause a lot of problems, including trying to nest in spring and summer when the chimney is not in use. Calling in this case for clearing, a replacement chimney pot with a brid guard as prevention.

Hilary at Oackfield Court had moss on the roof, gutter problems.

Moss that grows on a roof eventually forces its way between the tiles and leads to water leaks, and even problems with pests. It drops in the the gutter and blocks that.

Dennis in Grange Road Timperley had poor downdraft

If a chimney like Dennis's is not drawing well it wastes expensive fuel. 
A working chimney always needs a SUMMER clean - before the nights draw in and you want to make use of your fire again. .

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