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Over two generations (50 yrs) chimneys have not changed.

We have stayed true to traditional methods and standards. .

There is nothing about chimneys and their surrounding constructions that we can not deal with. 

With our roofing equipment we can access any chimney. 

End gables can require specialist attention that we are able to provide. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the situation as regards height and access ?

There are limits to everything - but we are roofers who are also chimney sweeps (and not for example carpet cleaners who are also chimney sweeps) and so we have the equipment and experience - insurance - and nerve - to deal with most - if not all - domestic chimneys and roofs to be found in this part of the world.

Are you insured for negligence or accident - YES (but are you!?)

We carry full indemnity insurance covering accidents or accidental damage arising in the process of sweeping your chimney or working on your roof or building.

Can I use anything but wood on my wood burner?

Wood burners or multi-fule burners can make a home complete.
BUT - they create intense heat that often sets old chimneys alight. 
If you are thinking of a new fire - or have had one fitted recently without a new flu - contact us for a FREE safety check and answers to this important question.

How often, and when, should I have my chimney swept?

If your chimney is not drawing well you will waste expensive fuel. 
Remember that your chimney always needs a SUMMER clean - before the nights draw in and you want to make use of your fire again. 
You can telephone 0161 980 5343 - or fill in our feedback form right now (and also at the foot of every page).
We shall respond immediately..

Periodic reminder

Enter your email and time of year you would like a reminder (and other information if you wish) and we shall make sure that this important task does not get overlooked - and - give you a 10% discount, reducing our price to £45.

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