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Storm and other damage

We are experts in rectifying the effects of storm damage as well as supplying and installing an extensive range of chimney pots and cowls.

Poor air draw and surplus smoke

For there to be a good and effective fire calls for a strong pull or draw of air, created by a compination of stack and pot and other elements..

Bird related problems

Birds can cause a lot of problems, including trying to nest in spring and summer when the chimney is not in use. Calling for clearing and prevention.

Chimneys and stack fixing and pointing

Heat from years of fires causes pointing on the chiney stack to dry and crumble and chimney pots to list and fall. Both can have dangerous consequences..


Periodic reminder

Enter your email and time of year you would like a reminder (and other information if you wish) and we shall make sure that this important task does not get overlooked - and - give you a 10% discount, reducing our price to £45.

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